Train Robbery --

Come join us for a fun train ride!

Be part of the action as robbers board the train and make off with the valuables. The gang has grown since they found out that our trains are "easy pickin's". The sheriff sent over Wanted Posters for this nasty team. He also said that the posse may be in town prior to the train's departure, checking out the passengers. If you see them, please be cautious and protect your valuables. There will be a stop at Moulton Station to visit Yacolt Falls and allow the passengers to visit with and have their photo taken with the “robbers”. 

Reduced Fare!  40% off regular ticket prices

Our bridge is in process of repairs this month, so we will be running our newly restored 25ton switch locomotive and a slightly reduced trainset due to weight restrictions.   You can choose to ride in one of our two indoor cabooses, or our recently rebuilt open air flat car.

Please arrive 15-20 minutes before departure time.

Train Robbery - Sunday, July 21

Sunday Jul 21, 2024

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