2018-06-30 Train Robbery

Train Robbery

Be part of the action as robbers board the train and make off with your valuables. The gang has grown since they found out that our trains are "easy pickin's". The sheriff sent over Wanted Posters for this nasty team. Thank goodness the army has moved into Yacolt, setting up camp near the station. He also said that the posse may be in town prior to the train's departure, checking out the passengers. If you see them, please be cautious and protect your valuables. There will be a stop at Moulton Station to visit Yacolt Falls and allow the passengers to visit with and have their photo taken with the “robbers”. 

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Steam Train Robbery Independence Weekend Saturday June 30

Saturday Jun 30, 2018

  • Product Code: Steam
  • Availability: Tickets must be Purchased at Station

    Noon : Space Available

    2:30PM : Space Available

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Tickets for same day departure must be purchased at the Station

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